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Happy New Year!!!!

A desert Arab came to Allah’s Messenger (SAW) and said, “Teach me a word that I can say. ” The Prophet told him to say: Laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, Allaahu ‘Akbaru kabeeran, walhamdu lillaahi katheeran, Subhaanallaahi Rabbil-‘aalameen, laa hawla wa laa quwwata ‘illaa biilaahil-‘Azeezil-Hakeem. There is none worthy of worship but Allah […]

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Eid al Adha

36442: Etiquette of Eid What are the Sunnahs and etiquettes that we should act in accordance with on the day of Eid?. Published Date: 2013-10-14 Praise be to Allaah. The Sunnahs that the Muslim should observe on the day of Eid are as follows: 1 – Doing ghusl before going out to the prayer. It […]

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