Young Believers F.C.(brothers only)

A youth soccer club for the community aimed at uniting the youth for a good purpose, inspiring them, and building long lasting brotherhood among them that will lead to strengthen their faith, and improving their lives in this world and the next. This youth soccer club program hopes to instill in its participants:

  • Self determination, inspiration and aspiration, and work ethic in the participants.

  • Faith in Allah and recognition of the abilities Allah has given them.

  • The Value of The Deen.

  • The importance of education and social service

Along with the team having regular practice sessions throughout the year,competing in two league sessions as well as at least 3 tournaments, we plan to have several activities along with the athletics. of these activities are the fallowing:

  •  Reading and writing

  • Halaqas

  • Religious programs

  • Brother Bonding  ( ex: restaurants, field trips )

Milwaukee Islamic Dawah Center (MIDC)

5135 N Teutonia Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53209

P: 414-462-1998


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