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The Milwaukee Islamic Dawa Center (MIDC) is very involved and committed to its local community. There are many community engagements and many more to come. We have a team of very passionate and dedicated individuals working hard everyday to bring the best support to our community and community members.

Friday Prayer

Jumu'ah (Arabic: صلاة الجمعة‎, ṣalāt al-jum'ah, "Friday prayer"), is a congregational prayer (ṣalāt) that Muslims hold every Friday, just after noon instead of the Zuhr prayer.

On Friday the Zuhr prayer is replaced by Jumu'ah, it is obligatory for Muslim men who are above the age of puberty to pray in congregation either in the mosque of the city they live in or with a group of Muslims. Women, however, are recommended but not obligated to pray in a congregation on Friday prayer.

Friday is the sixth day of the Islamic week. The literal meaning of Friday is congregation. In Islam, this day is given the most importance than any other days of the week. Every Friday, Prayer of Jummah is offered and for this prayer special time is taken.

Food Pantry

Our weekly food pantry is MIDC’s best- known community program, which serves over 10,000 pounds of nutritious food to more 200 families each week. An important activity for the same people receiving food is for us to partner with surrounding organizations to provide health and wellness screenings, nutritional lectures, legal services, public safety programs along with ongoing Islamic sessions.

Prison Dawah Services

Each week, committed volunteers deliver religious based programs such as Jummah and Taleem at the local and surroundings correctional facilities. Upon release, MIDC is a resource for clothing, employment, housing and direct assistance. The facilities we visit are:

-Correctional Institution at Racine

-Metropolitan Secure Detention Facility (MSDF)

-Marshall Sherrer

-House of Correction

-Waupaun Correctional institution (high security)

-Taycheedah (women’s corrections)

Re-Entry Housing Programs house of Ibrahim

The reentry housing is to house those who are released from prison and provide positive support with the guidance of Islamic principles. Each person will obtain skills to obtain a stable place of employment and to reenter society with confidence.

Volunteer With Us!

If you are interested in getting involved and lending a hand please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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