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Sunday School

Milwaukee Islamic Weekend Academy (MIWA) Sunday School was started around 2011 with the help of Allah and volunteers and about 90 students. Today we have approximately 115 students ages 4 years old and up and we are still registering students. Our staff consists of 7 teachers and 2 assistant teachers.Tuition is very affordable. We have excellent teachers who are well versed in Arabic and Quran reading with tajweed. Our curriculum consists of Arabic, Quran Memorization, and 40 Ahadith. All students are required to purchase the class books for a small fee.Our goal is to teach every child in our school how to read and write Arabic and to read Quran with tajweed and learn the 40 Ahadith with correct understanding and be able to apply Quran and Hadith in their daily lives. Our principal is Fatima Perry and our Secretary/Treasurer is Aminat Bakare. Our educational adviser and curriculum designer is our own Imam Yaseen.

Our hours of operation are 10am to 2pm on Sundays.

We also serve breakfast and lunch to the students and staff (zabihah/halal) at no extra charge.

Our school is kept open by donations and tuition payments from the parents.

For any questions or concerns or to donate to our Sunday School please contact Fatima Perry at 414-943-5943.

Fatima Perry

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