“The sun and the moon follow courses computed;” (55:5)

Indeed, all praises are for Allah and prayers of peace and security be upon His messenger our prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions and all those who follow in right conduct. As to what follows.
We have a few things ahead of and its a time for reflection and change. Today we will be experiencing a solar eclipse. And many people are excited about this. But what are they excited for. And if we as americans don’t reflect upon this sign from Allah then surely we¬†are lost. As muslims this eclipse should be a time for us to make taubah and ask for forgiveness and seek refuge with Allah the almighty and majestic and spend time in prayer as what was mentioned for us to do during these instances. We must remember that this is from the signs of the last days. Reflect upon the verses of surah al-qiyaamah where Allah the Most High says what means : he asks when is the day of resurrection, so when vision is dazzled, and the moon darkens and the sun and moon are joined man will say that day where can I escape to? There is no place to escape.(verses 6-11). So if we look at the verses where do we stand on this. If we look at our country America and the oppression that is going on under oppressive leadership..Ask yourselves. Why is America only experiencing this eclipse and look what places it will be seen….indeed in the signs of Allah the people of intellect reflect..Brothers and sisters lets look within ourselves and work on changing ourselves purifying our hearts and prepare for our standing our meeting with our Lord. Go to a masjid today around noon and pray. This is also an opportunity to do a sunnah that you may never have chance again.

Secondly, my dear brothers and sisters. We are approaching the month of hajj. And we who are not making hajj this year should benefit from the first ten days and the prophet upon him be peace said there are no days in which good deeds are done more love to Allah than these ten, so we should fast as it the sunnah to do so. Also make much remembrance of Allah by takbeer and praises to Allah and and there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah and glorifying Allah. Take these as a means of getting near to Allah do as much good deeds and acts of worship as you can. And don’t forget the 9th day which is day of Arafat. The day when the pilgrims will stand at Arafat praying begging Allah. We too should focus on more supplication that day. Look for Wednesday to begin these lofty deeds and may Allah be with us all Ameen