Ramadan is gone. Allah remains.

Peace be upon you and the blessings and mercy of Allah.  My brothers and sisters. Not to long ago we were in the blessed month of Ramadan. Many of us anticipated and longed for the month to come.  We believed that Ramadan will give us the opportunity to make changes in our lives in order that we may be better worshipers of Allah. Yes. Indeed, the month of Ramadan is a month of change for the one that desires.  And we saw the reality of that during it.  How wonderfully people treated each other. How much charity did we give! How many people did we feed! How many hours we stood in prayer! How much Quran we read! How many hours did we spend fasting! How many hours did we spend in the masjid!. Yes. We did what without the help of Allah giving us Ramadan we couldn’t do.

We know that scholars have said that Ramadan is like a school of training.  And like all schools there are tests and there are results.  We took the tests of performing all the deeds that we did in that month.  Now the results, if we passed or failed, will depend on what we do after Ramadan.  Do we continue to do the good deeds we did? Or do we abandon those good deeds? Or worst than that return to committing sins and crimes against Allah The Most High?

Brothers and Sisters.  If we have fallen short and abandoned those good deeds or have fallen into sin we still can make it.  Recommit ourselves to doing those good deeds.  Perhaps the body was exhausted and needed a little rest. Perhaps we had work we needed to catch up on from our schools and careers.  Now its time to get back on track before all that we did goes to waste.  No one wants to waste their time as we all know that time is valuable.  Likewise, dont waste all those good deeds that you did, because they are so valuable and you need those as a companion when we enter the graves. Those graves that are waiting for us. That we may meet before the next Ramadan comes.  The prophet peace be upon him said. “Three things follow the deceased to the grave.  Two return and one remains with the deceased.  The family and the wealth returns and the deeds stay.”  So brothers and sisters. Make your companion be your good deeds not evil deeds.  Let us all make a new commitment to return to those good deeds we did in Ramadan.

We are still in the month of Shawwal.  If you havent did your six days of Shawwal get them done. And if you have then continue to fasts some Mondays and Thursdays as was the Sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him. Return to the masjids.  Be active and participate the programs and sittings of knowledge and reminders.  Make those sincere supplications that  we made while crying in Ramadan.

O Allah accept it from us. O Allah return us to the good. O Allah make it easy for us to obey you and make it hated to us to disobey you. O our Lord forgive us for our many shortcomings and have mercy on us and save us from the fire and enter us all into Jannah without any accounting. Ameen