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  1. As salaam Alaikum

    My question is regarding Islamic funeral.
    Where can I obtain information regarding such?
    I’m a Muslimah.

    1. Bismiallah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem,

      With regards to your question does Allah talk to his creation the answer is Yes and No. With regards to yes he has spoken to his Prophets and Messengers in the past. He spoke to our father Adam and Musa peace and blessings be upon them. He also speaks to His creation thru the Quran so if one wants to hear the speech of Allah he or she only needs to read the Quran other than that there is no further revelation and Allah does not speak to his creation outside of what he has revealed in the Quran. Revelation ended with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as he was the final Prophet and Messenger and there is none to come after him whoever says their the prophet and has revelation from Allah is indeed a LIAR.

  2. My name is Judy Pier Lybeck. I am a member of Albright United Methodist church. Lynne Levy from Albright has been an active member of the Faith Based Initiative. We have a small study group on World Religions and would like to know if you or someone from your community, could provide an overview of Islam and answer questions that we might have. We will be having a session and readings on Islam for our October session. In November, we would like to meet with someone from your community and we would like to could come to visit the Mosque.
    Please let me know if this can be worked out.
    Thank you

  3. Assalamo alaykom,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t find any other contact info for your center on this site. I have some clothes and shoes in good condition that are too small for my children. Does your community accept such donations?

  4. Salam ALykom , I want to know when are the Islamic classes for new revert muslims please in english language ??
    And plus I want to make Nikah in masjid too

    1. Wa alaikumus Salaam. We have classes that are ongoing. And they are easy for the new muslim to understand and learn his or her religion.

  5. Salaam,

    Kindly share with me the date, time and venue of the upcoming Eid prayer.

    Thank you,

    O A Edu

    1. After praising Allah and sending salutations upon the prophet. As for combining prayers this is only permissible when there is a hardship that one cannot pray on time. As the best prayers are the prayers prayed at the earliest time on time. As when the prophet peace be upon him was asked which deed is most beloved to Allah, “Prayer offered on time”. Agreed upon. Also Allah says in surah baqarah verse 238: Strictly guard the five prayers especially illy the middle prayer. And tan before Allah with obedience. And in nisaa verse 103 Allah says indeed the prayers is prescribed on the believers at fixed times.
      If there is no way to pray on time due to circumstances such as sickness or istihaadah for women or legitimate fear of lost of wealth or life or severe weather condition than one may combine prayers without shortening them. This is due to the narration of ibn Abbas that the prophet upon who be peace joined thuhr and asr and maghrib and ishaa in madeenah when there was no fear and no rain. And when asked about that he may Allah be pleased with him said : He peace be upon him did not want to cause hardship for his ummah. And Allah knows best

    1. Wa Alaikumus Salaam. Yes we do. We need. Call between 12pm and 5pm Monday through Thursday to set appointment or stop in.

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